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Cutting post-harvest losses, reducing hunger.


About Nubian Gem

Nubian Gem is an interactive Mobile Application that creates market opportunities for local farmers. It provides a platform for farmers, transporters and end users to interface. It cuts wastage and losses in the farm by solving the problem of lack of storage facilities in rural farms. Nubian Gem also cuts out all the hassles of traditional farm produce shopping and delivers products fresh from the farm to the doorstep of retailers and end users.

Nubian Gem is a proud product of The Ranger Media Global Products Limited.

Why Nubian Gem

  • Eliminate post harvest losses
  • Get buyers before harvesting
  • Buy fresh from the farm
  • Give away excess food to charity
  • Eliminate waste, stop hunger

About one-third of all food produced is spoiled or squandered before it could get to consumers. This leaves the farmers poor and the populace hungry. Nubiangem bridges the gap between farmers, transporters and consumers. It takes away all the hassles of traditional food produce sourcing and shopping and delivers farm produce fresh from the farm to retailers and consumers.

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Product Features

Easy to Use

A light and simple app for both the IT-saavy and rural farmer. The nubian gem app is easy to use and understand. It is easy to navigate, proper and recognizable error messages, interactive and much more.

Modern Design

A good UX is what separates successful apps from unsuccessful ones. The Nubian Gem app was developed with this in mind as today mobile users expect a lot from an app: fast loading time, ease of use and delight during interaction; which is what our app offers.

Location Mapping

Capitalizing on the GPS functionality of the mobile device, the app is able to pinpoint the locations of famers around you. This will enable you know the location of the farmer closest to you to purchase from.


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App Screenshoots

The are screenshots of the Nubian Gem mobile application. Developed with user experience in mind,
the app is user friendly and easy to use.

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